About us
We are a team of passionate wildlife lovers, photographers, divers and travelers. For us, meeting wild animals in their natural habitat is the biggest joy, and we believe that marine mammals are the greatest animals one can encounter. We have been traveling all over the world for years, and we have collected all the very best places to meet marine mammals close up. We have developed very special routes in the most remote regions of our planet. This extensive experience helps us to provide our guests with the world class marine mammal encounters both underwater and on surface.
Our team
Mike & Stas are the guys behind Whale Watching Expeditions and they also guide most of the trips. They can answer all of your questions and help with everything you need.
Stas Zaharov
Mike Korostelev
We love whales. We love dolphins, seals, sea cows, polar bears - all marine mammals. In the end, we love ocean and all marine creatures. We try to protect what we love. In our trips we educate people about conservation of marine mammals, how animals suffer being captured, about whaling and our responsibility for plastic pollution of the ocean. Love and respect is the first step to conservation.

Responsible whale
We stand for responsible attitude towards nature. Using our own experience and worldwide practice, we reduce possible negative impact and make whale watching and snorkeling as harmless as possible.

Cooperation with scientists
We cooperate with scientists and help them everywhere we can. We are currently working with scientists on the Kamchatka peninsula (FEROP group and Yuzhno-Kamchatski sanctuary), Norway (Norwegian Orca Survey), Chukotka (Beringia National Park"), in the Archangelsk oblast (Russian Arctic National park and Nenetsky nature reserve). Everywhere we go, we try to help scientists - we collect specimens, we share our pictures, videos and other data, sometimes we help with the equipment, logistics etc. Scientists also help us and hold lectures for our guests, telling us about their research and animals they work with.

Standing against the whale catching
Russia is responsible for the large share of the captive orcas and belugas traffic to aquariums all over the world, especially in China. We consider capturing marine mammals to be unethical and anti-moral, that is why we make expeditions to meet them in the wild. We try to attract public attention to those places where whale catching is possible by promoting whale-watching tourism in Far East of Russia, especially in Shantar sea. We are hoping that this helps to combat whale catching.

Photography and social activity
We film animals and publish photographs online, we participate in photo contests and exhibitions, hold public lectures. We believe that this helps us to attract public attention to the nature's beauty, it's fragility and importance of its conservation.

By joining our expeditions, you can also make your contribution to the conservation of the oceans and its inhabitants.
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