Adopting a whale

Why should you adopt a whale?
Whale support
Financial support to cetacean protection and research projects. The raised money goes to support various projects for the protection of cetaceans, such as monitoring the capture of Killer Whales in the Sea of Okhotsk.
It is interesting
You will give the whale a name and be able to follow its fate every summer. We will tell you how your whale is and send photos.
Exciting gift
«Whale custody« is also a great gift to your friends and colleagues, and a reason to tell others about the problems of cetaceans in captivity.
You will receive a toy model of the whale and a signed certificate of adoption.
The process of adoption
Choose a whale from our catalog, which is presented below on this page
Send a request through the form at the bottom of this page
Our manager will contact you and discuss the method of payment
We will send you a courier with a certificate and a whale model
The cost of adoption: EUR 200.

You can make any additional donation if you want to help marine mammals solve their problems, such as catching cetaceans for sale.
Bowhead whales waiting for the adoption
Adopted bowhead whales
Valera (W001)
The whale was adopted by Alena Prokudina. His name is Valera.
Noctis (W003)
The whale was adopted by Marina Drogoveyko. His name is Noctis.
Firefly (W005)
The whale was adopted by Evgenia Klyueva. His name is Firefly.
Prim Pearl (W004)
The whale was adopted by Anastasia Slobodchikova. His name is Prim Pearl.
Mystic (W006)
The whale was adopted by Arina Ryzhova. His name is Prim Pearl.
Tak (W007)
The whale was adopted by Daria Babina. His name is Tak.
Sasha (W009)
The whale was adopted by Belousov family. His name is Sasha.
Orcas waiting for the adoption
Adopted orcas
The orca was adopted on December 02, 2018 by Evgenia Klyueva. His name is Boomerang.
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Whale custody is not official. The whale can not be in legal ownership. The numbering and naming of whales occurs exclusively in the framework of the project Whale Watching Russia.
Send you contacts if you have decided to adopt a whale