Antarctica yacht trip
24 December, 2022 - 9 January, 2023

Sailing expedition. Penguins, whales and killer whales, seals and icebergs.

Sailing expedition. Penguins, whales and killer whales, seals and icebergs.
Our journey will begin from Ushuaia, Argentina's southernmost port. Comfortable and safe yacht Aurora with an experienced crew on board will carry us across the Drake Passage. Our ship is equipped with everything necessary for a long expedition, from the shower and kitchen to modern means of communication and rescue equipment. In four days we will be on the Antarctic Peninsula. There we will spend more than two weeks enjoying the beauty of pristine nature, watching icebergs, whales, penguins and seals. We will visit polar bases and abandoned whaling stations, the southernmost church and colonies with many thousands of penguins. We will touch the history of pioneers and trailblaizers ourselves to become researchers of new lands.

Why is it better to go on a yacht than on a cruise liner?
The peculiarity of our expedition is that we go in a small group on our own ship, and can fully control the route and adjust it in accordance with the wishes of the guests. If someone wants to take longer to shoot penguins in the colony or swim with passing whales - he can always do it.
The yacht Aurora accommodates 14 people with a team and guides, so we get a small group of 7 guests, and everyone will be able to be alone with nature, has plenty time to shoot animals and in all will get an individual approach. In addition, each one of the guests will be able to get acquainted with the inner structure of the ship, stand at the helm, handle winches and feel like a real sailor!

In addition to exciting adventures, you will find educational programs. Our guides will tell you about whales, seals, sea leopards and penguins, you will learn how icebergs are formed, what makes up the crabeater seals diet and more. We will hear stories about expeditions of yesteryear and learn how to live a month in an isolated group of people.

What kind of animals will we see?
We will have the opportunity to see many rare and endemic animals, including:
- Whales (Minke whale, humpback whale, killer whale, fin whale)
- Seals (sea leopard, crabeater seal, Weddell seal, southern elephant seal, southern fur seal)
- Three species of penguins: Chinstrap, Gentoo and Adélie
- Many species of seabirds
24 December, 2022 - 9 January, 2023
Day 1
Arrival to Ushuaia, meeting and settling on the ship (sailing yacht).
Day 2
Reserve day in case of flight delays.
Day 3
Going out to sea. The Drake Passage.
Days 4-6
Crossing the Drake Passage.
Day 7
South Shetland Islands. "Gateway" to Antarctica. Here we will begin to explore these undiscovered lands. We will see two kinds of penguins, funny fur seals and huge elephant seals.
Day 8
Visit to abandoned whaler base on the Deception Island. Go to the Enterprise Bay.
Day 9
Trinity Island. A colony of Antarctic penguins, huge grottoes and bird bazaars.
Day 10
Trinity Island. A colony of Antarctic penguins and bird bazaars.
Day 11
Going south. Watching humpback whales. Climbing the mountain in Orne Harbor, watching the penguins.
Day 12-14
Cuverville Island and the surrounding area. Watching penguins and finding sea leopards. Huge glaciers in Paradise Bay.
Day 15
Lemaire Channel, Penola Strait, Petermann and Hovgaard Islands. Colonies of Adélie penguins and sub-Antarctic penguins. It is home to many seals, including sea leopards.
Day 16
Vernadsky Polar Station. The southernmost shop and the southernmost pub in the world. A popular tourist destination in Antarctica.
Day 17
Melchior Islands in the middle of Dallmann Bay - a small group of ice-covered islets, where humpback whales come to feed.
Day 18-21
Return to Ushuaia via Drake Passage.
Day 22
Completion of the Drake Passage crossing and arrival to Ushuaia. Hotel check-in.
Day 23
Departure flights.
The schedule may have to be adjusted in accordance with the weather conditions.
Our boat
RUSARC AURORA (or similar)
Cost: 13500 EUR per person (2-berth or 3-berth cabin)

Single accommodation: upon request

24 December, 2022 - 9 January, 2023

  • Accommodation and food on board
  • All permissions to visit Antarctica
  • Yacht crew (captain, captain's assistants, cook)
  • Team guide on behalf of Team Trip
  • Transfer from/ to the airport
Not included:
  • Flight tickets to and from Ushuaia
  • Accomodation in Ushuaia
  • Extra spending in Ushuaia
  • Personal equipment
Additional Information
Luggage to pack
  • Warm fleece and thermal underwear.
  • A few pairs of warm socks.
  • Rubber boots (for landings on the shore).
  • Shoes for walking inside the yacht.
  • Windbreaker jacket and clothes from waterproof materials - gloves (better 2 pairs), hat (better 2).
  • Swimsuits, shorts and swimming trunks (if you're lucky with the thermal bath on the Deception Island).
  • Sunglasses (with a rope that would not have carried away into the sea).
  • Personal hygiene items.
  • Hand cream and sunscreen.
  • Waterproof cases for photographic equipment.
  • Personal first aid kit with individual medicines.
  • Things are better be packed in soft bags and backpacks
  • Some Dramamine.
  • Our journey will take place during the Antarctic summer. The air temperature ranges from +2 to - 6 C. On the water and in the wind the temperature is felt much lower than it actually is.
Snorkelling equipment
We will swim with whales and icebergs in the cold waters of Antarctica. The water temperature can drop to -2C, so everyone who wants to swim should have the appropriate equipment. Our guide will advise you on the equipment.
The weather in the Drake Passage, through which our path will run, is extremely unpredictable and can affect the route and duration of the expedition. We can not influence the weather and promise that we will have a quiet flat sea, and therefore we are not responsible for changes in the schedule of the expedition according to weather conditions.
Is it scary to go to Antarctica on a yacht?
No! The yacht is the most enduring vessel in the ocean, and our team is experienced guys who have been working in Antarctica and the high Arctic for many years. Cross Drake's Strait is nothing for such a team. They will ensure your complete safety and comfort during this expedition.
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