São Tomé and Príncipe:
Journey to a tropical island paradise in search of whales and dolphins

August 4 -13, 2023
10 days
Snorkeling with whales and dolphins, island exploration
Level of Difficulty:
3400 EUR
What awaits us on this journey?
  • 1
    Snorkeling with whales
    Humpback whales come to the waters of Sao Tome and Principe to give birth and feed their calves. During this time, they are quiet, moving slowly, and the calves are extremely curious.

    We will go out in the ocean to look for whales and interact with them in the water.
  • 2
    Encounters with other animals
    Tropical waters are always full of a variety of wildlife. We will swim with dolphins, turtles, and other Atlantic Ocean creatures. On land, we will be able to watch baby turtles being born.
  • 3
    Exploring the Volcanic Island, situated right on the Equator
    We will visit coffee and cocoa plantations, watch the process of chocolate making, climb the volcano, walk on white sand beaches and visit museums and architectural monuments of the island.
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Day 1
Arrive on the island of Sao Tome.
We will meet you at the airport and take you to our accommodation.
Check in to your hotel.
In the evening we will have dinner together, get to know each other and we will have a briefing and tell you about our plans for the coming days.
Day 2
Early breakfast at 6am. Departure by motorboat to the open ocean in search of whales and dolphins.
12:00. Return back to hotel. Lunch at local restaurant.
14:00. Guided walk around the city of Sao Tome. Visit to the Chocolate Factory. Chocolate and coffee workshop with Claudio Carallo, an experienced chocolatier with over 48 years experience. Tasting the best chocolate in the world. A visit to the monuments and local places of interest. Visit to the Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin Mary, built in 1492-1493 by the Captain Alvaro de Caminha. Return to the hotel. 19:00. Dinner.
Day 3
Early breakfast at 6am. Swimming with the whales.
12:00 Arrival on a small island, where we climb the mountain to the lighthouse and have lunch with fresh fish and seafood on the sandy beach of the uninhabited island of Ileu das Cabras. Afterwards we swim to the sunken Spanish ship Ropta de Ouro where we snorkel and take photos. Next we sail to the Blue Lagoon where we'll see centuries-old baobabs and snorkel as well.
By evening we return to the hotel.
Day 4
Our morning begins with a trip to the island's second largest city, Trindade, an overview of the colonial architecture. Up to the picturesque "Roça Batepa", where the Revolution for Independence started. Departure to the "Monte Cafe", a coffee drying and purifying factory. Visit to the museum of coffee "Museu de cafe", where we will see the whole cycle from the small seedling to the finished coffee in your cup. Drive to the Roça Saudade coffee plantation. Traditional lunch at "Roça Saudade", home of the poet "José de Almada Negreiros", an opportunity to visit the exclusive tea lounge at 800m altitude. Then a trip to the waterfall "São Nicolau", which has been described as a miraculous waterfall. Check in to a hotel in the mountains.
Dinner in the mountains.
Day 5
After breakfast we check out of the hotel. Drive to the south of the island and stop at Roça Água Ize on the way. Tasting of palm wine. Drive to the amazing rock formation in the ocean "Boca de Inferno" (Devil's Throat) with which the mystical legend of the island is connected. Then a trip to one of the country's best beaches, the beach of seven waves 'Sete ondas', which features a 'Surf Station' where we will have lunch. Check in to an eco-lounge bungalow.
Day 6
Early breakfast at 6am. At 7am we leave by motorboat for the open ocean in search of whales, swimming in the ocean in search of whales. We disembark at Ileu das Rolash Island where we will have lunch on Coffee Beach with a beautiful view of the ocean. After lunch we will head to the line that the "Marco de Ecuador" equator passes through. We will then head to the other side of the island to see a local geyser called 'Buraku da Baleia'.
We will walk through a coconut grove where we will visit
the fantastic beaches of 'Escada' and 'Joana' where turtles lay their eggs. At the famous beach "Bateria" we will stop to relax and swim. On the way back to the island of Sao Tome, if the weather is good, we will try to find turtles in the ocean. Return to the hotel. Dinner at the restaurant.
Day 7
Early breakfast at 6am. Swimming with the whales.
12:00. Lunch at a local restaurant with traditional food on "Cabana" beach with beautiful ocean view. Return to bungalow.
Afternoon doing nothing (finally!). Relaxing on the hotel beach.
Day 8
Early breakfast at 6am. Out on the motorboat out into the open ocean in search of whales.
Return to bungalow. Lunch at a local restaurant with healthy and traditional food on the Cabana beach with a beautiful view of the ocean. After lunch, we drive to a fishing village in the south of the island and visit Praia Pesqueira waterfall, flowing into the open ocean. We continue our journey to the turtle nature reserve at Mor Peixe or Praia Grande beach. Return to the bungalow. Dinner of fresh fish and seafood.
Day 9
Early breakfast at 6am. At 7am we take a motorboat out into the open ocean in search of whales. We spend the afternoon on the beach. Return to hotel. Dinner in restaurant.
Day 10
Early breakfast at 6am. Off in a motorboat out into the open ocean in search of whales. Departure from bungalow. Lunch and tasting of traditional cuisine in the restaurant "São João dos Angolares". Return to São Tomé.
Purchase of gifts and souvenirs. Transfer to the airport.
3400 EUR per person

August 4 - 13, 2023
  • Included:
    • Accommodation (twin room in a guesthouse and eco-hotel)
    • All transfers
    • Sea trips on the boat (plans may change depending of weather conditions)
    • Visiting local attractions
    • Breakfast, lunches and welcome dinner
  • Not included:
    • Airfares
    • Snorkeling equipment
    • Insurance
    • Dinners
    • Extra payment for single accommodation - 400 EUR
  • Additional information
    • A Yellow Fever vaccination is required for the entry (the certificate becomes valid 10 days after vaccination)
    • Water temperature about +23C +25C
    • Temperature on land about +28C +30
    • Currency USD/EURO
  • Getting there
    Flights to São Tomé TMS.
  • To-pack list
    • Passport, tickets
    • Sunscreen
    • Hat
    • Light trekking boots
    • Snorkeling equipment
    • Seasickness pills
    • Personal first-aid kit
    • Trainers, flip-flops, sandals
    • Mosquito repellent
  • Snorkeling and freediving equipment
    • Wetsuit 5mm
    • Mask
    • Fins
    • GoPro or other underwater camera
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