Expedition to the blue whales

Discovering new unique whale spots!
October 23-29 / October 30-November 05, 2022*
7 days
Snorkeling with whales
Easy level of difficulty
3400 EUR
How does the tour take its course?
The coastal waters of Timor-Leste are considered a "global hot spot" for cetaceans. According to scientific research, at least 1/3 of all known species of whales and dolphins in the world can be found in these waters. Some of these species are migratory, while others can be seen all year round.
Once a year, in October/November, a huge number of migrating pygmy blue whales, a subspecies of the largest animals ever to inhabit our planet, come to the shores of Timor-Leste!
Few other places in the world offer the opportunity to see these rare and endangered ocean giants so close and numerous. Come with us on one of our tours to see if you can be one of the lucky ones to join the small percentage of people in the world who have seen a blue whale!

Paradise in a small exotic country
Timor-Leste is a young island country in Southeast Asia with underdeveloped infrastructure, which is not yet popular with tourists, but is popular with our team:) And no wonder why: this is the place where whales and dolphins migrate in the fall! We already have been here as a part of our secret tour: we swam with blue whales, took a lot of pictures, and now we are ready to open this place for you too!
Rare pygmy blue whales
Each year, hundreds of pygmy blue whales pass through Timor-Leste waters on their annual migration route. They move between feeding grounds off the southwestern coast of Australia and, it is believed, breeding grounds and subsequently the birth of calves in the Banda Sea.

Annual sightings indicate that whales migrate northward through Timor-Leste waters in June-August and then migrate southward toward Australian waters in October-December. Because of weather and ocean conditions, these whales are easier to observe from Dili during their southern migration.
Super packs of dolphins
Sometimes in the waters off the southwest coast of Atauro Island, you can see huge "super packs" of dolphins congregating in the same place. Quite typical is the simultaneous accumulation of several species in this area, which is presumably due to the high density of nutrients and food in the water.

This highly productive area is where the Ombay Strait intersects with the Vetar Strait. Located within the so-called "Indonesian Throughflow," the largest water movement on the planet, this area connects two very large water basins: the Banda Sea and the Savu Sea. The narrow and very deep straits produce enormous concentrations of nutrients and food for marine animals.

Among the dolphin species that are found in these waters are: short-finned grinde, bottlenose dolphin, long-beaked, bottlenose, large-toothed and gray dolphin.
Climate and accommodation conditions
It's going to be hot. The water temperature is 28-30 degrees. The water is clear. We will live in the hotel and go out in the ocean by boat all day.
There is always the risk of not meeting animals in the ocean. Nevertheless, we rely on our years of experience and luck to choose the best season to visit. We cannot guarantee that we will see whales, but regular participants of our trips know that we will definitely see them :)
Day 1
We meet at Bali airport, and fly together to Dili in a small plane(or we can meet in Dili)! We check into a hotel. In the evening a short briefing, rest and sleep.
Day 2-6
We go out into the ocean, looking for whales.

The population of pygmy blue whales was discovered in 1959 in the Indian Ocean and described as a separate subspecies in 1961. The population was estimated at 10,000.
This subspecies is called pygmy by convention: the average length of the pygmy blue whales is only 3 meters shorter than that of the other subspecies. The color of these whales is lighter; in addition, they have a different build, which you immediately notice when diving under the water.

In case of bad weather we explore land sights, sunbathe on the beach, meet locals, snorkel on coral reefs. On the final evening - a surprise: we'll watch the sunset in the ocean on a comfortable catamaran!
Day 7
Transfer to the airport, flight back home
Prices: 3'400 EUR

October 23-29 / October 30-November 05, 2022

*Dates are tentative and can be shifted by a couple of days, the number of days is constant. This is due to the inaccessibility of the place and the lack of regular aivac. The exact dates will be clearer by mid to late summer. It is necessary to take this into account when booking your trip.
  • Transfers
  • Double room in the hotel with breakfast
  • 5 trips to the sea
  • Crew work (captain, biologist)
  • Russian speaking guide Tim Tree
  • Snacks on the boat
Not Included:
  • International flight
  • Insurance
  • Meals
  • Single occupancy supplement (300 Euros)
  • Extra sea access (300 Euros for the day)

Additional information
  • Water temperature +25˚+28˚C;
  • Air temperature +28˚C +35˚C
  • Visa costs 30 USD, payable upon arrival
  • During your layover in Bali: rules for entry/transit could change at any time due to the pandemic. You will need to check with our managers
    Currency: please bring USD
  • Power outlets: We will sort it out on the spot
To pack list
  • Passport, tickets
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Head Cover
  • Light wetsuit, flippers, mask, snorke
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