kingdom of tonga
Swimming with humpback whales (Tongatapu Island)
Swimming with humpback whales (Tongatapu Island)
July 23 - 30
August 28 - September 04
8 days
Freediving with whales
Easy difficulty level
3400 EURO
Swimming with humpback whales
What makes Tonga special is that it is here that the migration route of humpback whales from Antarctica begins, here females give birth and raise their calves, and here you can swim with these giants at a distance of five meters right in the open ocean - Tonga is rightfully considered. the best place in the world for this!

The whales reach the capital of Tonga, where we will be based, the earliest, so the season here begins in June.

This program has several features:
Living in the capital, we have access to good infrastructure, good variety of restaurants
no additional flight to another island is required, this simplifies logistics in the Tongatapu area there are usually many male whales - the most interesting interactions occur with them, and you can dive to them in freediving mode (we observe mothers with calves from the surface in snorkeling mode)
Days 2-5
After breakfast we go out to sea. where we will spend 5-6 hours swimming with whales.
Days on the ocean can be very different. The weather can be windy or calm. Sometimes we find whales quickly, and sometimes it takes a couple of hours. Some whales make contact, while others do not want to communicate. That is why we have 5 whole days in the ocean to wait for the most unforgettable meetings!
We are divided into 2 subgroups of 4 people and dive to the whales one by one, since local laws do not allow a group of more than 4 people (plus a guide) to be in the water with whales, and during our whale trips we do not go into the water with large in groups so as not to scare the whales.

In the evening there will be time to shower and relax before dinner.
3400 EURO
July 23 - 30, 2024
August 28 - September 04, 2024
Rent a boat, swim with whales
Certified guide-instructor
Guide from the team Tim Trip
Sightseeing tour of the island
Lunch on a boat while on the ocean
Accommodation (double occupancy)
Not included
International flights
Single occupancy (on request)
Taxi from the airport to the hotel and back
Medical insurance
Snorkeling equipment (mask, snorkel, fins, wetsuit - can be rented)
About country
Ocean water temperature is approximately 24 degrees
Air temperature approximately 28 degrees
Russian citizens do not require a visa to visit the Kingdom of Tonga.
Currency: Tongan Pa'anga (TOP)
Sockets: type I, voltage 240V
What to take with you
International passport, printed air tickets
Fins, mask, snorkel, wetsuit 3-5mm
Insect repellent
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