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Solovetsky islands, White Sea, Russia
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from 56 900 RUB
Solovetksy island - Gem of the White Sea
The beauty of the pristine nature of the Russian North is here combined with a rich history and the spirit of maritime adventures. The islands are covered with dense coniferous forests, and on the rocky shores, lazy seals bask in the sun during low tide.

Every summer, white whales - belugas - come here. Daily, these beautiful animals gather near Beluga Cape. Here, they mate, give birth, nurture and teach their offspring, and interact with each other.

We are heading to the Solovetsky Islands to witness these wonders firsthand and immerse ourselves in the spirit of the North!
Observe whales and seals
We will observe the white whales from both boats and the shore. Unlike journeys into the open ocean, spotting whales here is not difficult - every day, they gather in the same place, making encounters almost guaranteed!

We will also visit the rocky Top Island, where one can often encounter seals, sea hares, and ringed seals. Last year, our team even spotted a walrus there!
Inner sea of Big Solovetsky island
We will sail by boat through the famous and picturesque Dolgaya Guba - the inner sea of the Solovetsky Islands. Here, we will delight in the astonishing beauty of the scattered islands, observe birds, take a stroll along the ancient dam, and at the end of the day, we'll cook mussels on the bonfire that we catch ourselves!
Exploring the Archipelago's History
Our journey will include an introduction to the history of the archipelago. We will visit the Solovetsky Monastery, a significant cultural and historical landmark. Founded in the 15th century, the monastery has a rich and intricate history intertwined with religious practices, cultural heritage, and political events.
We will visit several museums and tour the island, exploring the sketes - the places of seclusion for monks. Additionally, we will see the Holy Ascension Skete - a unique structure that combines a church and a lighthouse
Taiga forest walks
We will stroll through the ancient coniferous forests of the Solovetsky Islands, witness stunningly clear lakes, and attempt to spot forest inhabitants such as moose, foxes, and other wildlife
White nights and sunsets
During the polar white nights, there is no distinct boundary between sunset and sunrise – the sun, barely touching the horizon, ascends once more. This process takes not mere minutes, as in the south, but extends over long hours. Add to this the sea, islands, and clouds on the horizon – nowhere else are sunsets quite like those in the North!
The best of Solovetsky islands
In just one week, we will explore the nature and history of the Solovetsky Islands, visiting all the iconic sites of the Big Solovetsky Island. And all of this will be accompanied by experienced guides from Team Trip, who have been working on the islands for years and know everything fascinating about them!
Day 2 / Sea day. Observing belugas and seals. Visit to the Solovetsky Monastery
Today, we embark on a sea journey for several hours. Dress warmly, as we are in the North! Our route takes us to Beluga Cape, where we will observe the main protagonists of our story - the famous white whales! Our next stop is Top Island, home to two species of seals - the small ringed seal and the large, lazy sea hare. We hope to see both species in one outing! In the second half of the day, a guided tour of the famous Solovetsky Monastery awaits you, where you'll learn the details of the discovery and colonization of the islands and the history of the monastery's construction.
Day 4 / Sketes and a hiking trip to Beluga Cape
In the morning, we will hop into a car and drive around the island to explore the sketes - the secluded places of the monks. We will visit the famous Sekirnaya Mountain, witness the ingenious hydraulic structures built by the monks, explore architectural and historical landmarks, and visit the Gulag Museum.

Additionally, today awaits us a hiking excursion to Beluga Cape through the forest and along the seaside. The one-way journey takes just over an hour. Spotting whales from the shore is not a common occurrence, but on the Solovetsky Islands, it's a regular affair!

Day 5 / Zayatsky Islands and rowing in canals on rowboats
Today, we will set out to sea once again to visit the Zayatsky Islands - home to mysterious northern labyrinths. Nobody knows for certain who created them or when, and scientific debates continue to this day. We will touch upon this enigma, one of many mysteries of the North. On our way back, we will visit Sennaya Luda, where we will see shallow-drafted boats used in hunting marine mammals, relics of the era of sea mammal hunting.

After lunch, another adventure awaits us - a rowboat ride through narrow, cozy canals connecting numerous lakes of Big Solovetsky Island into a unified hydroengineering system.

Day 6 / Forest walk and leaving the island
Today, we will take a stroll through the beautiful taiga forest, listen to the birds, and try to spot moose, which have been increasingly seen on the island lately! After the morning walk, we will pack our bags, and our guides will accompany you to the ferry or plane. Until we meet again!

Please note!
The program is approximate and may be adjusted due to weather conditions. We are not responsible for the impossibility of going to sea in case of bad weather.

DAtes and prices
Prices and acommodation options
Price: from 56 900 RUB
А - Family guesthouse in the heart of the island, in close proximity to the Solovetsky Monastery.
Price: 56 900

B - Hotel in the Pomor style, located by the pier. Well-maintained area, view of the monastery, comfortable accommodation.
Price: 69 900

С - Cozy hotel situated on the shore of a picturesque bay at the edge of the forest. Beautiful log cabins, well-groomed surroundings.
Price: 71 900

D - Upscale comfort level hotel. 5 minutes on foot from the monastery.
Price (standard accommodation): 79 900
Price (semi-luxury accommodation): 89 900

Dates and acommodation options
June 30 - July 5 - А
July 7-12 - А or B
July 14-19 - А
July 21-26 - А or B
July 28 - August 2 - C
August 4-9 - C
August 11-16 - D
August 18-23 - B
August 25-30 - B

  • Accommodation in a hotel (double occupancy)
  • Meals - breakfasts, light snacks on the boat and during other outings
  • All transfers according to the program
  • Sea trips and island excursions
  • Transfers to/from the airport or pier.
Not included
  • Meals - Dinners, lunches in the village
  • Beverages
  • Transportation to and from Solovetsky
  • Unexpected expenses for travel and accommodation in case of inclement weather.
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