Trip reports

2018 trip reports:
Norway, Februray

2017 trip reports:
Norway, November
Azores, October
Tonga, September
Kamchatka, Summer
Solovetsky, June
Azores, May

2016 trip reports:
Kamchatka, Summer
Solovetsky, August
Norway, February 2018
We spent an amazing week in Northern Norway. The weather was calm, allowing us to go out to the sea every day. We did snorkeling with orcas 4 days out of 6 and had some amazing encounters. One day we jumped in with a pod of long-fiined pilot whales getting a rare pictures. Sperm whales and humpback whales were observed from surface. The sky was clear we were observing Aurora nearly every night. Looking forward to come back as soon as possible!
Norway, November 2017
We had several days near the pods and great opportunities to snorkel with large podds of orcas cruising along the shore, that was really cool. We had a really nice opportunity to film orcas near the fishing trawlers in the night time. Several nights we were observing beautiful Aurora borealis.
Azores, October 2017
This time we had a beautiful and calm weather, so we had over 10 days at the sea out of two weeks. Our photo project participants were filming sperm whales underwater every single day, also they have seen pilot whales, Bryde's whales and sei whales. Other guests enjoyed swimming with 4 species of dolphins and observing whales from surface.
Tonga, September 2017
Tonga was amazing.
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