Secret Sperm Whale Tour
12-19 September / 19-26 September
26 September - 03 October / 03-10 October, 2020

How does the secret tour take its course?

Utter Secrecy
You don't know where you are going. We are going to keep the secret till the last minute. We are going to buy your tickets on our own, so that you get to know the destination point only at the airport. What we want is keep you intrigued, so we are asking you to maintain secrecy as well. Turn off the geolocation in social media and do not post any photos that can reveal your whereabouts through geotags or anything else.

The climate and accomodation conditions
The air temperature is 24-28C (75.2-82.4 F). The water temperature is 25C (77 F). The water is clear. We are going to stay at a hotel and make 4-6 hours boat trips into the ocean. There are 4 boat trips included in our program. When we are not on the boat, we are having fun on a beach with palm trees on it or exploring surrounding areas

Citizens of The Russian Federation are not required to have visas for short-term trips.

The airplane tickets price
The airplane tickets are going to cost about 700 EUR from Europe. Upon request we will check the tickets for you and let you know the exact price. Transfer us the money and we'll book the tickets for you.

Every whale expedition is a bit risky: this is not a zoo, but wildlife. Weather could be stormy, animals might leave the place due to the killer whales and other unpredictable situations. Anyways, you know our team is lucky, so we are sure we'll have great encounters with whales over there!
Day 1
We meet at a secret airport of a secret place and secretly drive to a secret hotel.
Days 2-7
We go into the ocean looking for whales. In case of foul weather, we go sight-seeing. There are 4 boat trips included in our program.
Day 8
Transferring to the airport and going home.
Dates and prices

3500 EUR

12-19 September / 19-26 September
26 September - 03 October / 03-10 October, 2020
  • Transfers
  • Double room accommodation at a hotel / house
  • Sea whales trips (4 days)
Not included:
  • International flight
  • Insurance
  • Food
  • Extra payment for single room accommodation (300 EURO)
  • Additional days in the sea with whales
Additional information.
  • The water temperature is 24-28 C (75.2-82.5 F)
  • The air temperature is 25C (77 F)
  • We will clarify the visa issue for each participant of the trip
  • USD currency
  • We'll work something out about the sockets when we arrive
To-pack list
  • Passports and tickets
  • Sunscreen lotion
  • Sunshades
  • A head-dress
  • A diving suit, paddles, a scuba mask
Tour leader
Natalie Karpushenko
"I take pictures of people above and under water, with and without whales. I'm a dreamer and like to inspire people to travel. An eco-enthusiast, I'll tell you how to save the planet and ourselves."
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Deposit payment
When you are ready to book expedition, we would ask you to pay the deposit, usually it's 50% of the price. You can pay the rest later, the last payment day is 60 days before expedition start.
You got your space on the trip, it's time to buy plane tickets! By the way, we can help you with tickets and visas if needed.
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